MICHAEL WILLIAMS Asparagod, 2011 Oil and airbrush on canvas 68” x 52”


DASH SNOW Polaroids Untitled, 2002-2007

DAN COLEN Drawing Secrets and Cymbals, Smoke and Scissors (My Friend Dash’s Wall in the Future), 2004

DAN COLEN #1.jpg
DAN COLEN #3.jpg

DAN COLEN Me, Jesus and the Children, 2001-2003


DASH SNOW Fuck the Police, 2005 45 framed press clippings, semen dimensions variable

MATHEW CERLETTY N, 2006 Oil on linen 20” x 17”

MATHEW CERLETTY Diet Coke, 2006 oil on linen 28” x 17”

MATHEW CERLETTY Yoplait, 2007 Colored pencil and gouache on paper 14” x 13.25”

ANDREW KUO The 24 Minutes Spent Waiting For You/ Accordion Book, 2012 Acrylic and Carbon transfer paper on Laminated Paper 30” x 24:

Andrew Kuo Self Portrait

PINAR YOLACAN Untitled, 2002 C-Print 40” x 32 3/8”

Pinar Yolacan (warhol)


MP-Bunny-2013-76_x 48_(01)(w)-1.jpg

ALEX DA CORTE Badlands, 2014 Anodized metal frames, rubber, IKEA laundry rack, cardboard, witch hat and wig, Xacto blade, hardware 79” x 79” x6”

ALEX DA CORTE Kitchen Painting (with Blue Mirror), 2014 Anodized Metal Frames, rubber, Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, Vinyl sequin pin, Florist cellophane, hardware 79” x 79” x 3”

DASH SNOW Installations & Collages 2003-2007

SHARA HUGHES So Romantical, 2006 Oil, acrylic and silver paint on canvas 46” x 52”


SHARA HUGHES Headspread, 2006

SharaHughes: headspread.jpg